Benefits of an Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment helps your skin clear up for acne-free skin! What are some of the reasons people love this treatment?

What It Is

Laser Acne Treatment is the most effective way of getting rid of acne. It works by targeting the bacteria that are responsible for causing acne, without harming the surrounding skin. Using a laser is a more gentle way to treat acne than using harsh creams or medications. By heating up the sebaceous glands, the lasers cause them to shrink in size and this signals them to produce less oil. 

What It Treats

Laser Acne Treatment helps reduce the appearance of acne pustules on the skin, resulting in clearer and healthier looking skin! This procedure is a perfect option for people who suffer from mild to moderate acne, and over-the-counter creams and medications are not working for them. 

Acne Treatment clears away acne, so you can feel confident in your own skin!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many clients who are interested in an acne treatment, but want to know more about the details. That is why we compiled answers to questions we frequently receive about this treatment and listed them below. If you still have questions, we invite you to call our clinic to speak with one of our clinicians.

Can I receive treatment if I have been prescribed photosensitive drugs such as Accutane recently?

If you have been prescribed drugs such as Accutane, we advise you to wait 6 months before receiving laser acne treatment. Accutane can cause scarring and interfere with laser treatments. 

Some common side effects people can experience after treatment include slight swelling, minor irritation and redness which feel similar to a mild sunburn. 

Treatments will be personalized to each person depending on the severity of your acne symptoms. 

Treat Your Skin With An Acne Treatment

Leave your skin soft, smooth, and refreshed with the acne treatment.

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