Benefits of Waxing

Get smooth, hairless skin with one of our waxing treatments! What are some of the reasons people love this treatment? 

What It Is

Waxing is a safe and effective way to quickly remove hair from most areas of your body by removing it directly from the root. Waxing is a great alternative to shaving as waxing lasts longer than shaving!

What It Treats

Waxing is used to remove hair from most areas of the body, including the upper lip, eyebrows, chin, underarms, arms, legs, and bikini area. 

If you have body hair that you would like to remove, waxing is the perfect solution for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many clients who are interested in a waxing, but want to know more about the treatment. That is why we compiled answers to questions we frequently receive about this treatment and listed them below. If you still have questions, we invite you to call our clinic to speak with one of our clinicians.

Does waxing hurt?

The pain felt from waxing differs from person to person and the area being waxed. However, any pain associated with waxing is generally minor and very temporary. 

Generally, you should book a waxing appointment every 4 – 6 weeks. 

Pamper Yourself With Waxing Treatments

Leave your skin soft, smooth, and refreshed with our waxing services.

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