Benefits of Guinot Facials

Aging can cause the skin to lose its vibrancy and definition. The Guinot Facial stimulates the facial muscles which then helps restore natural tone and contour. Shortly after the treatment you can enjoy visibly rejuvenated and lifted skin!

What It Is

With clinically proven results, The Guinot Facial is a highly specialized treatment designed to regenerate, deep clean and restore the skin’s natural radiance. Completely customizable and a great alternative to invasive aesthetic medical procedures. By using a combination of dynamic ionisation, thermal energy and lifting stimulation, The Guinot Facial targets multiple skin concerns.

What It Treats

The Guinot Facial targets skin concerns such as crow’s feet, shadows, bags, wrinkles and loss of firmness. With the use of a gentle galvanic and high frequency massage, the skin is deep cleaned, hydrated and toned all the while stimulating circulation and boosting cellular regeneration.

Guinot Facials are good for anyone who wants to look radiant and young with a non-invasive treatment. 

The Treatment Process

The treatment begins with a consultation with our specialist to discuss your facial needs, then to prepare for the facial,  our specialist will cleanse, exfoliate and tone your face, neck and décolleté.

Next a serum is selected for application that fits according to your skin concerns. The treatment begins with utilizing  double ionization (positive and negative ions) at the décolleté, this process helps penetrate the serum quickly and deeply into the skin.

After this, the serum will be rinsed off and your skin will be pat dried, this prepares the skin for the high frequency electrode massage that helps oxygenate the skin and boost the skin cells.

Our specialist will then massage your skin by hand to stimulate toxin drainage, reduce fluid retention and encourage circulation, and then apply a face & eye mask to help you feel even more relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Guinot Facial is a popular treatment among our clients. To help you feel more comfortable before your facial, here is a summary of our most frequently asked questions. If you need more assistance, please feel free to call us and our specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

How Long Does The Guinot Facial Take?

The facial usually take 1 hour long. 

This treatment is suitable for all ages and all skin types and is fully customizable.

No, there is no downtime.

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