Benefits of Cellulite Treatment

A common skin condition, cellulite affects most women at some point in life. However, with advanced radiofrequency and ultrasound technology, we are able to make skin appear smoother and softer. What are some of the reasons people love this treatment?

What It Is

Cellulite can appear on the skin of about 90% of women at some point in their lives. The three most common reasons why women develop cellulite are genetics, factors outside of one’s control (like high blood sugar or high cholesterol), and lifestyle factors. We offer minimally invasive procedures designed to make skin appear smoother and softer. Using radiofrequency and ultrasound, we can minimize wrinkles, lumps, bumps, and other irregularities without incisions or recovery.

What It Treats

The Cellulite Treatment works for all people who are seeking to smooth out lumpy and irregular skin. If there are cancers, lesions, or infections in an area where you want to remove cellulite, getting treatment should be avoided.

A Cellulite Treatment can help you get the smooth and soft skin you’ve always wanted.

The Treatment Process

There are multiple different types of cellulite treatments available. Before your treatment, you will undergo a consultation with the doctor to determine which treatments are best for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many clients who are interested in the Cellulite treatments, but want to know more about the details. That is why we compiled answers to questions we frequently receive about this treatment and listed them below. If you still have questions, we invite you to call our clinic to speak with one of our clinicians.

How much does cellulite treatment cost?

The price of a cellulite reduction procedure depends on the size of the area being treated. The most common locations for Cellulite treatments are the thighs and buttocks, and the average cost is generally between $2,000 and $3,000.

The amount of time a treatment will take depends on how severe the cellulite is. However, in general, each treatment lasts roughly an hour. 

There is no age restriction to cellulite treatment, and those who are self-conscious about cellulite and those who want to remove lumpy and irregular skin and improve the appearance of cellulite can benefit from advanced treatments.

Restore Your Confidence with a Cellulite Treatment

Leave your skin soft, smooth, and refreshed with the Cellulite Treatment. It’s a safe and effective way to achieve the perfect look.

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