4 Tips for Getting Flawless, Healthy Skin

Skin resurfacing treatment for better skin

Everyone wants to have healthy, flawless,glowing skin, and there are an overwhelming amount of services and products out there on the internet. At Viva Skin, our goal is to provide specialized skin treatments for each of our patient’s specific situations. 

To that end, we have picked out 4 of our most popular, effective and non-invasive aesthetic treatments to help you get a better understanding of the fabulous features each one offers. 

Laser Acne Treatment

Frankly, having acne can be embarrassing and inconvenient which is why we offer laser acne treatment to help our clients get rid of those pesky pimples. The process is simple; laser waves are emitted into the skin to heat up oil glands causing them to shrink in size and produce less oil. The laser penetrates deep into your pores before hitting your sebaceous glands, which are responsible for producing skin oils, including skin-clogging sebum, pore-clogging dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. 

As much as sebum is an important part of keeping your skin healthy, at times there can be too much production of this oily substance because either you have excessively oily skin or if you wear make-up for an extended period of time. Laser acne treatment is the most effective way to get rid of acne fast, targeting it at the source and preventing new pimples from forming.

Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is used to improve skin’s appearance by removing skin damage, tightening skin, and reducing wrinkles. The process has four steps: exfoliation to prepare your skin, skin cooling, skin tightening using lasers, and skin protection with topicals.

Firstly, exfoliation removes the dead, peeling, and damaged layers of skin from your face. The process strips you of extra oil, dead skin cells and other impurities, leaving you fresh and clean. Skin cooling is the second step which reduces inflammation while also helping skin to heal faster. When skin is cooled it becomes harder for blood vessels to swell which keeps your skin minimizing any damage that could be done during skin laser treatment. The laser then goes over your face where it starts precisely treating different layers of skin until you are left with a smoother, brighter face. 

The final skin resurfacing step is skin protection with topicals. After skin laser treatment, these creams will help you go about your day without worrying about skin discoloration or any other complications. This type of skin resurfacing is widely popular because it gives you quick results without too much downtime so you can continue with your life normally. 


The idea behind microneedling is that when you puncture your skin’s surface, you get more blood reaching your face, stimulating collagen and elastin production. Microneedling is usually painless, and is done by a clinically trained professional in a sanitary environment.

Microneedling treatment boosts collagen and elastin production, in addition to enabling skin to retain moisture which helps deliver plump beautiful skin. You can easily get rid of scars, stretch marks, and deep facial wrinkles by microneedling. 


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) are both treatments which utilize your own blood to accelerate healing in the facial skin. Platelets are cells in your blood that help your body heal itself by stopping bleeding, clotting wounds, and fighting bacteria. Platelets also contain growth factors, compounds which play an important role in forming scar tissue. With PRP & PRF treatment, these growth factors are concentrated into a syringe of plasma which is then injected into damaged skin for accelerated recovery time.

The main benefit of this treatment versus regular collagen injections is the fact that they contain your own blood and genetic material. This means that there’s no risk of allergic reactions or other complications because there will be no foreign material inside your body.

Apart from that, it’s said that PRP & PRF are better in terms of results when compared to similar treatments. The general consensus is that these materials blend in much better when used for restoration purposes, and are practically untraceable ways to rejuvenate your face.

We hope you feel more informed and educated on the 4 popular beauty treatments featured in this article.Know that you are always welcome to book a free consultation with us to design a customized treatment plan based on your specific skin type and needs. Our professional clinicians are always ready to assist you whenever you need, so get in touch with us now!